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Customs and immigration

The law in force is French law, with the exception of the taxation system.
The police formalities are madatory, even for French boats coming from another French department - these formalities are free of charges.
The passports of the crew and the passengers as well as the original boat papers are to be presented.

Formalities for French boats coming from another French department only if they have to pay duty.
The temporary admission is limited to maximum 18 months.

Original papers to be presented:
 The boat's certificate of nationality.
 Driving-licence (for power-boats)
 The passenger's and the crew's passports
 Invoices for articles and additional equipment aboard

The Captain must have resolved the formalities before the passengers are allowed to leave the ship and up to this moment the ship must hoist a yellow flag.

Office hours

7h30AM until 12h00 and 2h00PM until 5h00PM, work days
Tel: +590-(0)

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8h00AM until 4h00PM
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8h00AM until 12h00
Tel: +590-(0)
On Saturday/Sunday, clearance formalities are at the port authorities.

No licence needed for sailing ships.
Licence mandatory for power boats from 6HP onwards (4.5KW)